The 2019 Legislative Session Has Started And That Means It Is Time To ROC!

The 2019 Legislative session has started, and that means it is time to ROC! Thank you for signing our petition, calling for a robust investment into the CTC system. Our legislators are back to work in Olympia and the budget and higher education are on everyone’s mind. Don’t believe me? Check out the articles we’ve seen written across the state, talking about the importance of post-high-school education and the looming skills gap in Washington’s workforce. That makes this session a really good one to get the legislature to ROC with us!

Just because this session is scheduled for 105 days doesn’t mean we have any time to waste – we want our message to be heard early and often. We are scheduling meetings with legislators now, so please check here for opportunities to join us. We’ll also be organizing on-campus actions, letters to the editor, and more. We’ve included some steps you can take right now in this email. We need you to help us build the momentum needed to win!

What would an email like this be, without having some asks in it? We kept them easy, but we really do need your help to make sure our legislators know that ROC represents the kind of investment the people of Washington want in our CTCs.

Here’s what we’re asking:

·        If you haven’t already signed our petition to the Governor and the State Legislature to [Re]Invest In Our Colleges, you can do that here.

·        Every Monday in the session is Blue Monday. Wear AFT shirts and let people know you support us! Give visibility to our campaign in your schools and in your communities. Talk to people about it. Help us get some buzz going. If you don’t have a shirt or you know someone who doesn’t, contact us and we’ll get you one.

·        Next, you can make every day Button Up day. We have buttons designed to generate questions – if you don’t have them, contact us and we’ll send you some. We ask that you wear them every day and use them as an opportunity to get people talking.

·        Have we told you about our new website yet? It’s at, it’s all about the ROC, and it’s chock-full of ROC specifics, including things like how to promote the ROC on social media. We’re asking folks to use the hashtags #reinvestinwa and #rocWA to get the word out on social media. You can find more about our social media program on the “Join Us” page of our website.

We all know that this fight is serious. Washington needs us to push for investment in our CTCs, especially if we want to stay the best state in the country for work and for business, with the best economy, all facts that Governor Inslee pointed out in his State of the State address this week. He urges us to tell the best story we can, through our actions and words.

We know – and you know – that we can make that story even better by [Re]Investing In Our Colleges.

Help us spread the word. Help us fight for our state and our fellow Washingtonians. Let’s tell that best story of ourselves.

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