The 2018 Elections & The 2019 Legislative Session

We had an amazing election cycle this year. Washington broke all kinds of records, with the highest midterm turnout since 1970….1970[1]! We barely missed beating that record by .02%. It was an exciting and stressful election cycle, but we were able to flip the 8th congressional district and send a pediatrician to DC, 53 of our endorsed candidates won their races. That’s a 70.67% success rate, which isn’t so shabby. Of our endorsed candidates, we helped 11 new legislators make it through both the primary, and the general election. In the state senate, democrats picked up two more seats, and maintained control in the house. All in all, there are 27 freshmen legislators walking in to the 2019 session. Just for fun, here they are in reverse district order.

48th Rep-Elect Amy Walen* 47th Sen-Elect Mona Das*
47th Rep-Elect Debra Entenman* 44th Rep-Elect Jared Mead*
42nd Rep-Elect Sharon Shewmake 41st Rep-Elect My-Linh Thai
40th Rep-Elect Debra Lekanoff* 39th Rep-Elect Robert Sutherland
34th Sen-Elect Joe Nguyen* 32nd Sen-Elect Jesse Salomon
32nd Rep-Elect Lauren Davis* 30th Sen-Elect Claire Wilson
29th Rep-Elect Melanie Morgan* 28th Rep-Elect Mari Leavitt*
26th Sen-Elect Emily Randall* 25th Rep-Elect Kelly Chambers
25th Rep-Elect Chris Gildon 18th Rep-Elect Larry Hoff
16th Rep-Elect Skyler Rude 15th Rep-Elect Jeremie Dufault
14th Rep-Elect Chris Corry 12th Rep-Elect Keith Goehner
10th Rep-Elect Dave Paul* 8th Rep-Elect Matt Boehnke
6th Rep-Elect Jenny Graham 5th Rep-Elect Bill Ramos*
5th Rep-Elect Lisa Callan* *our endorsed candidates

This success means that we have more allies to reach out to at the start of session, and more support for our $500 million budget ask, to get the CTCs the funds they need. We just need you and your fellow members to convince them! We’ll be meeting with legislators in their districts and in Olympia, so be on the lookout for emails, texts, and calls about upcoming meetings, and be sure to make it!


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