Session Is Coming

The 2019 legislative session is starting next week on the 14th, and do we have some serious work on our hands. We have some great support for our budget ask of $500 million, which will be prime sponsored by Representative Gael Tarleton in the 36th district and will have a bill number early next week. Our counselor standards bill, prime sponsored by Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self of the 21stdistrict, will be joining the budget bill in the numbered club next week as well. What does that mean? We’re live, baby!

Getting support from these legislators was due to the work done by your staff and you, our members, to spread the word on just how underfunded the CTCs are. Most of the legislators we met with had no idea how low morale has been, and how you, your fellow members, and your colleagues on campus have had to make do with little to no resources, and with pay far below industry standards. Because of you, we were able to get early support for these bills with no resistance.

Now it’s time to get the votes.

All through session we’re asking that you and your local to take a simple action each week and come to Olympia to lobby at least once during the session. Each week, different locals will head down to Olympia for their own lobby days, so that we can keep the pressure on! We want to remind legislators every week that we need more funding to the CTCs. Our students need faculty they can consult, and qualified counselors. We need pay equity for our adjuncts, and livable wages. CTC educators need the support from the legislature, and we need to remind them that without us, many of our neighbors, family, and friends wouldn’t be able to go to college or get skills needed for ever evolving work needs.

We’ve pulled together a list of things for you and your local to do!

  1. T-Shirt and Button Up Mondays
    1. Every Monday wear your AFT Blue and your ROC button!
    2. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!
  2. Weekly letter writing
    1. Handwritten is best, but typed and signed is also good, or electronic works too.
  3. Weekly call-ins
    1. Call your legislators to remind them to ROC!
  4. Email family and friends about ROC and have them call and write their legislators.
  5. Social Media (SM) Actions
    1. Weekly SM push using #ROCWA #reinvestinWA
    2. Say why we need more money in CTCs
    3. Get your family and friends to join in

Make sure you check in with your organizing rep for all the materials you’ll need, and reach out to your political organizer, Sandra Toussaint (206-427-8107 or to set up meetings with your legislators, and take a trip to Olympia!


ROC Calendar

All lobby days are open to everyone!


14th – Session Begins

AFT Blue and Button Up Mondays begin

23rd – South Puget Sound Lobby Day

29th – Renton Technical College and Green River Lobby Day

30th and 31st – WSLC Reception and Lobby Day


5th – Cascadia Lobby Day

12th – Everett & Edmonds Lobby Day

18th – AFT Washington Lobby Day!!

26th – Seattle Lobby Day


1st – Petitions delivered to Governor and Legislature

5th – Pierce County Lobby Day

12th – Whatcom and Skagit Lobby Day

19th - Bates Lobby Day


28th – Regular Session Ends

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