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Faculty press for investment in community colleges – AFT National, 2/19/19

Washington Community, Technical Colleges Push for Funding – Washington News Service, 2/5/19

Higher Education Funding in Washington

Students who beat steep odds credit Washington educators who wouldn’t give up on them – The Seattle Times, 2/4/19*

Education beyond high school is win-win for students, economy – The Spokesman-Review, 1/20/19

Vocational education is worth Inslee’s $110 million request – The Tri-City Herald, 1/18/19

Career-connected learning programs help students prepare for their future – The Wenachee World, 1/18/19

Local View: Time for Legislature to invest in education after high school – The Columbian, 1/13/19*

Legislators urged to make higher education a priority – The Tri-City Herald, 1/10/19

Funding for WWCC and other colleges must be top priority – The Union Bulletin, 1/10/19

$110 million for tech-education? Yes, please – The News Tribune, 1/1/19

Teachers quit jobs at highest rate on record – The Wall Street Journal, 12/28/18*

Community college funding must become a state priority – The Union Bulletin, 12/23/18

Guest Commentary: It’s time For the legislature to invest in training and education beyond high school – The Daily Chronicle, 12/18/18

Editorial: How to fill 740,000 job openings in the state – The Everett Herald, 12/16/18*

Community colleges need budget love to train future workforce – Seattle Times, 12/9/18*

‘Yes, it’s possible’: The time is now for the Legislature to better fund higher education – The Seattle Times, 11/30/18*

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