There are many things you can do to help us get this legislation passed!

List of Actions

  1. Sign our petition!
  2. Write letters to your state legislators. Not sure who that is? You can find your legislators here. We recommend hand-written or typed letters, but emails work too!
  3. Call your legislators. Make sure they know that you want them to support the ROC! We’ll post our bills as they are available so you have specific bill numbers to reference.
  4. Use VoterCircle – we’ll have the link posted here when we’re ready for you to take that action.
  5. Social Media:
    • Weekly social media push, using the hashtags #ROCWA and #reinvestinWA
    • Say why we need more money in CTCs
    • Get your family, friends, and community to join in
    • We’ve got sample tweets and posts below, with more to come!
  6. Contact us for more ways to help!


Faculty And Staff Actions

If you’re faculty or staff in one of our bargaining units (or if you want to support the ROC even more) we recommend the following:

  1. Button up every day – we’ll send you buttons if you need them.
  2. Arrange for tabling at your campus! Get people to sign the petition, plaster the campus with posters, hand out information on the ROC. Blue Mondays are a great day for this. And every Monday is Blue Monday.
  3. We’ve got local-specific lobby days. Here’s the list. But remember, everyone is welcome to go any day – just let us know when you want to go, and we’ll make the arrangements for you to talk to your legislators.
  4. If you aren’t sure who your legislator is, we’ve got you covered!
  5. And don’t forget – our big lobby day will be President’s Day – we’ll have more info on that very soon!


Sample Tweets and Posts

Our colleges need funding now! #ROCWA #reinvestinWA #waleg

Students: 60% Funding: 40%. We deserve more state investment #waleg it’s time to #ROCWA #reinvestinWA

It’s time to ROC our colleges! #ROCWA

Supporting our community and technical colleges means lifting up underrepresented communities. It’s time to [Re]Invest in Our Colleges! #ROCWA #reinvestinWA