ROC Documents and Collateral

This page hosts downloadable files for your use in spreading the ROC's message. We will add more as they become available.

We also have pins, stickers, window clings, legislative postcards, and other items that we are happy to send out - contact your Union Organizing Representative or Sandra Toussaint to learn more.

Documents Produced By AFT Washington

NEW: Social Media Kit For  Walkout

Some tips and guidelines for using social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for the walkout happening the week of April 15-18.  Join in!

NEW: Background On The Budget Bills

This document compares the three budget proposals for higher education that the House and Senate will have to reconcile. It also examines AFT Washington's goals and outlines a path forward.

ROC Background and General Info FINAL 040419

Ally Letter

If you aren't able to sign a petition, you can print and sign this letter, showing Governor Inslee and the State Legislature your support for the ROC.

Prints one page in PDF format

ROC Petition

Why not print out copies of the ROC petition and circulate them among faculty, staff, students, and your community outside of school?  Why not indeed! We make it easy to just download and print it out. Let your Union Organizing Rep or Sandra Toussaint know and we'll arrange to collect the petitions!

Prints at 8.5" x 14" in PDF format

ROC poster

Poster size: 8.5" x 14"

An eye-catching way to grab attention for the core tenet of the ROC: our CTCs get much less funding per-student than four-year institutions, and we support fixing this discrepancy.

When printed, a printer will say that the printable area is larger than the page;  don't adjust it. It will have .25" or .5" white margins depending on your printer.

Student Newspaper Article

This is a basic editorial for use with student newspapers to urge support for the ROC. The editorial can be tweaked and adjusted to fit a given CTC's circumstances - let us know if we can help, and let us know if you use this!

Prints as a one-page Word document.

The "Beautiful People" Placard

Want to show your support for the ROC? Print this out, write your reason for supporting ROC on it, and take a photo. Send us the photo so we can send it to our legislators!

Prints as a one-page PDF. Note that the image will print in portrait mode; the preview image here is in landscape, but it will print correctly.

Talking Points

This document contains the information that the ROC campaign is built on, and includes citations for our sources. This is a great resource for conversations with potential supporters and can also be used in tabling or other outreach efforts.

Prints as a two-page PDF.

Supporting Research

EMC's Research

A memo outlining the results (overwhelmingly positive!) of a telephone survey of 700 Washingtonians on the subject of the CTCs. Survey conducted in June of 2018.

Prints as a two-page PDF.