Without CTCs many Washingtonians would have no other choice for education. And education leads to economic mobility: a person with some college earns, on average, $5000 more annually than someone with a high school education.

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In the next 5 years, projections show that there will be 44,000 job openings per year that require a mid-level education as provided by our CTCs. We need to strengthen funding to ensure we have the resources to educate our workforce and fill those jobs.

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CTCs receive less than 40% of the state's budget for higher education, and faculty and staff salaries lag behind both market rates and peer states. The time to fix this is now: almost nine in ten Washingtonians agree it's time to increase CTC funding.

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What ROC Looks Like

We are seeking $500 million in permanent funding over two years to improve our campuses for the students and the professionals who play a part in educating them. In addition to funding, we are also looking to strengthen our colleges through legislation. While our legislative package is not yet complete, our package of bills will include funding and resources meant for:

  • Improved counseling for students by establishing a minimum counselor-to-student ratio;
  • Enhancing professional development funding for faculty and staff, to better serve our students;
  • Making compensation fairer by raising pay for all college employees to a livable wage, providing economic security and a middle-class lifestyle;
  • Fighting institutional racism by funding equity, diversity, and inclusion offices and programs on each campus. This will increase capacity enough to address the needs of employees in addition to those of students; and
  • Premium pay for faculty teaching our incarcerated students, due to their unique working conditions.
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